Animated Mouse Pointer for OS/2 V1.01

by Christian Langanke, 1997


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Short description

Animated Mouse Pointer for OS/2 is a freeware WPS integrated SOM enhancement class for the mouse object. With this program you can animate all of the OS/2 mouse pointers, while you can make use of several OS/2 and even Win* animation resource types. Create your own animations - all you need is the OS/2 built-in Icon Editor and a good idea.

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Welcome to the world of animated mouse pointers! This program permits you to replace or animate the entire set of OS/2 mouse pointers with pointer resources of several different formats, including OS/2 pointer files, Win* cursor files, Win* Animation files, and AniMouse resource DLL files.

You can also create groups of animated pointers by collecting files or animations for the different OS/2 mouse pointers in a single directory, called an animation set directory, which can be used as a mouse pointer resource.

The use of animation set directories greatly simplifies the use of the different resource types, and enables you to create your own mouse pointer animations using only the OS/2 Icon Editor. This capability is unique to Animated Mouse Pointer for OS/2.

In addition, you can create AniMouse resource DLL files from OS/2 pointer files; this saves disk space and makes it easy to handle and distribute your animations. These AniMouse resource DLL files, which can be created with a utility included in the Animated Mouse Pointer for OS/2 package, are compatible with the Animouse package; however, Animated Mouse Pointer for OS/2 provides features not available with Animouse, and is freeware.

Animated Mouse Pointer for OS/2 replaces the Pointers page in the Mouse object so that you can easily configure the animations by modifying the settings of the Mouse object. The advanced Drag&Drop functionality provided by Animated Mouse Pointer for OS/2 permits you to drag any of the supported resource files onto the mouse pointer container or one of its items (the individual mouse pointers) to easily change the animation for all of the mouse pointers at once, or for one at a time.

Finally, Animated Mouse Pointer for OS/2 introduces some new Mouse object settings strings so that you can change your animation settings via the REXX API call SysSetObjectData(). Included REXX sample programs demonstrate the use of these settings strings; one of these programs will let you load a randomly-selected animation either at each system start, or periodically, at an interval that you select.

And you get that all for FREE.


This program runs under OS/2 WARP 3 or later and requires the Workplace Shell.

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Gian Luca Prosperinicd660a9f01aaa0ce8b099465307eab1d (ca 45.26 Kb)
Bartosz Tomasik8c034e271903250b7b50cb892bc5a3ad (ca 43.48 Kb)
Richard Röjfors45c03599aaa8a837e9e279e96e25846f (ca 42.73 Kb)
Kjetil Kilhavn315b281d15f36b3381432be5908fec29

Check your copy of the zip file with the
detached signature certificate or the MD5 checksum.


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